Panini’s Trattoria


A unique place for you to eat: BYOB

Panino in Italian means bread; Panino Imbottito means stuffed or filled bread or, in English, sandwich. The Panino has been an important staple in Italian eating since at least the Roman times… The bread is baked fresh daily in the traditional manner using only natural ingredients with no preservatives. Fillings include fresh grilled vegetables, cheeses, naturally cured meats, fish, etc.Mayonnaise and mustard are sometimes used but, more frequently, homemade spreads of olives, vegetables and herbs blended with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and spices all ground to a paste are spread on the bread.

Trattoria is an Italian term for a fairly casual, mid-priced restaurant. Less formal than a ristorante and more formal than an osteria, the trattoria is traditionally a family-run establishment that offers simple fare and a relaxed atmosphere. At a trattoria, the mood is meant to be relaxed and fairly informal. Wine is often less expensive and served in a decanter, as opposed to by the bottle.
In terms of cuisine, a trattoria in Italy will frequently offer regional, local, and family specialties on the menu. Eating in this type of restaurant while traveling in Italy can give a tourist real insight into the neighborhood and region.
At Panini Trattoria, we promise to be true to the authentic Italian
family specialties and panino making tradition, using only the finest ingredients available and preparing our food fresh daily.

Buon Appettito e Mille Grazie

Rafael Angelo Falcon

B. Y. O. B


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Panini’s Old City is B.Y.O.B

Phone: (215) 928-8998

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